SI. No. Particulars/Details Description
1 Name / Address of Web site
2 Name of the Contractor's Establishment M/s Ventac Airconditioning Co.
3 Address of the Contractor (Regsiter office) K-62, Green Park (Main), New Delhi- 110016
4 Adress of the Establishment / Branch office where contract worker are to be engaged K-62, Green Park (Main), New Delhi- 110016
5 Nature of work for which contract workmen are to be employed HVAC / Ventilation Works
6 Name of Proprietor / Partner/Director/Managing Director Ranjan Tewari
7 Date of Start of Business 1992
8 Date of Intial agreement with the PE (working since with PE) N/A
9 Mobile No. of Contractor Mo.9810127310
10 E-mail ID of Contractor
11 Labour License no. of Contractor and valid upto N/A
12 Registration No. under the Registration Act, 1908 N/A
13 Registration No. under the Partnership Act, 1932 N/A
14 Registration No. under the Companies Act 1956 N/A  
15 Registration No. under the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954 N/A
16 Registration No. of Employee ESI Act. 1948 11106229967
17 Registration No. EPF and Misc. Provision Act, 1952 DL-22162
18 Service Tax Registration No. AAHPT0356MST001
19 Sales Tax Registration No. *07660160935
20 PAN No. AAHPT0356M

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